About Us

Standards of Practice

The goal of South Louisiana Community College is to be excellent. Excellence occurs when we are passionate and deliberate about developing quality programs; recruiting and retaining high-performing leaders, faculty, and staff; and graduating students who will successfully take their next step into the workforce or continuing their education. We also commit to being excellent by living our values through our Standards of Practice.


Occurs when we create a work environment that supports employees reaching their highest potential, and sets the stage for building a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

  • Commit to doing what is promised. 
  • Own mistakes without shifting blame to others.
  • Own problems that surface without shifting to others.
  • Pay attention to details and all aspects of a task that must be done.
  • Take responsibility for doing a good job by being accurate and thorough with any job at hand.
  • Do work with a “can do” attitude.


Occurs when we champion and partner with our students, colleagues and communities. Includes communicating and partnering with programs, departments, business and industry, educational institutions, and communities.

  • Seek input from others and value others' opinions and ideas.
  • Work together and not against each other.
  • Proactively work together within units and across units to achieve common goals.
  • Be open to feedback and input from others.
  • Consider and value different perspectives.
  • Display a positive and empathetic attitude toward others.
  • Work together in a supportive manner by being dependable, trustworthy, and flexibile.


Occurs when we aim to be relevant and build creative and efficient solutions in the core institutional areas (instructional, student affairs/services, adult education, operations/finance), knowing that 'place' and 'community' are important to students and residents and are what drive us.
  • Value the culture in the region to inspire creativity.
  • Collectively engage people with diverse ideas to think about how to do things in new and improved ways.
  • Approach change as an opportunity and with appreciation.
  • Identify opportunities in our region and provide solutions.
  • Deploy leading-edge technology, employee development programs and process improvement tools.


Occurs when we commit to being honest by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.

  • Work each day by applying high standards.
  • Do the right things, even when no one is looking.
  • Be open about why decisions are made and why actions are taken.
  • Communicate in a way that does not mislead people.
  • Engage with others by being courteous and conscientious, and with a professional appearance.


Occurs when we nurture a safe workplace environment of mutual respect and shared decision-making with opportunities for all employees to be engaged.

  • Be sincere.
  • Maintain confidentiality and respect privacy at all times.
  • Actively listen without interrupting and without judgment.
  • Ask questions to seek a clear understanding of a particular situation.
  • Use the most appropriate form of communication for the situation.
  • Engage in honest two-way communication.


Occurs when those we serve achieve their goals by taking the “next step” of their future; doing so means we focus on what is best for those we serve, including a focus on processes, decisions, operational structures, quality instruction, and student success.

  • Use a pleasant tone and approach with others (students, peers, community, etc.).
  • Focus decisions and work on satisfying the “customer.”
  • Be student-centered by remembering that everything we do focuses on creating a valuable student experience.
  • Put people first – treat everyone with care and respect.
  • Build trusting relationships with students, our communities and each other.
  • Work with students to help them succeed to gain employment and/or continue with their education.


Occurs when our employees, students and communities work toward common goals, show respect toward each other, and fulfill our commitments; it is a choice we make toward someone when we are inspired that they have earned our confidence.

  • Be honest, even when it is difficult.
  • Communicate the right message, in the right way, at the right time, for the right reasons.
  • Keep people in the information loop – changes, good things, improvements.
  • Be clear about intentions by being open and honest and staying true to commitments.
  • Invest in employees to grow and achieve and apply fair practices when they do not.
  • Explain why things are being done.

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