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Cassie Adams

Cassie Adams

Business Development Officer

Peggy Adams

Instructor, Practical Nursing

Ziba Aghayeva

Financial Aid Advisor I

Angela Albert

Learning Coach, Academic & Student Success

Photo of Rebecca Albert

Rebecca Albert

Coordinator for Student Engagement

Sara Albert

Professor, Natural Sciences and Program Coordinator, ASLT

Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexander

Workforce Student Advisor

Roland Alfred

Custodian 2, Facilities and Security Management

Celine Alis

Associate Director of Communications & Marketing

Jennifer Anderson

Instructor, Liberal Arts & Humanities

Kenneth Anderson

Assistant Professor, English

Killian Anderson

Mathematics Instructor

Lawrence "Buck" Andrus

Associate Director of Operations & Maintenance, Facilities & Security Management

Wilbert Anthony

Program Coordinator and Instructor, HVAC

Bill Appleton

Instructor, STEM and Transportation

Laura Appleton

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

charlotte arceneaux

Charlotte Arceneaux

Workforce Support Coordinator, Industrial Trades

Matthew Arceneaux

Practical Nursing Instructor, Nursing and Allied Health

Prophet Ardeneaux

Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

Brian Ardoin

Adjunct Faculty, Social Science

Jacob Ardoin

Adjunct Faculty, Fine Arts

Amy Arton

Adjunct Faculty, Natural Science

Angela Augustus

Phlebotomy Instructor, Economic and Workforce Development

Joiclyn Austin

Instructor, Mathematics

Evan Auzenne

Electrical Technology Adjunct Instructor

Photo of Rachel Babin

Rachel Babin

Senior Records Specialist, Registrar's Office

Area of Expertise Oversees the front reception area. Responsible for processing...

Photo of Mr. Erroll Babineaux

Mr. Erroll Babineaux

Retired Vice President of Air Services, AirMed

Photo of Anthony Baham

Anthony Baham

Dean of Workforce Programs

Brady Baker

Instructor, Natural Science

Tamara Baker

Director of Academic Advising, Student Success & Retention

Photo of Ms. Cheryl Bartley

Ms. Cheryl Bartley

Certified Public Accountant, Cheryl L. Bartley CPA, LLC

Lori Barton

Adjunct Faculty, Biology

Yelda Basgul

Biology Instructor, Natural Sciences Department

Josetta Batiste

Adjunct Faculty, Cosmetology

Photo of Ms. Anita Begnaud

Ms. Anita Begnaud

CEO, Lafayette Downtown Development Authority

Cordelia Bell

Adjunct Faculty, Social Science

Katelyn Belsom

Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

Casey Benoit

Adjunct Faculty, Fine Arts

Lori Berard

Instructor, Drafting & Design Technology

Brandon Bergeron

Adjunct Faculty, Natural Science

Rhondalyn Bernard

Data Manager, Adult Education

Photo of Schuyler Bernard

Schuyler Bernard

Interim Manager of Customer Service, Financial Aid

Darcee Bex

Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

Aaron Bird

Instructor & Program Coordinator - Industrial Technology

Kelbie Biron

Coordinator for Recruitment

Ziuta Blaes

Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Services

Tranae Blake

Student Success Coordinator, Student Services

Tiffany Blanchard

Student Support Coordinator, Adult Education

John Boggs

Facilities Site Manager

Brent Bollich

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Emily Bollich

Lead Learning Coach, Academic Advising & Student Success

Dr. Donna Bonner

Lead Learning Facilitator/Coordinator-ELA, Adult Education

Brittany Bonnette

Instructor, Mathematics

Janelle Boudreaux

Instructor, Practical Nursing

Nicholas Boudreaux

Manager of Operations & Maintenance

Leci Bouillion

Enrollment Services Coordinator, Admissions

Christine Bourgeois

Adjunct Faculty, Emergency Medical Technician

Nicholas Bourque

CDL Instructor, Continuing Education

Earl Bouton

ADJ Marine Instructor, Corporate College

Karen Boyd

Nursing Coordinator/Advisor, Nursing & Allied Health

Photo of Mr. Andre Breaux

Mr. Andre Breaux

Treasurer of SLCC Foundation / Vice President of Policy Initiatives and Governmental Affairs, One Acadiana

Photo of Anita Breaux

Anita Breaux

Program Specialist, Financial Aid

Desiree Breaux

Desiree Breaux

RN Instructor

Doyle Breaux

Adjunct Faculty, Industrial Electronics Technology

Erin Breaux

Associate Professor, English

Graci-Ana Breaux

Instructor, Allied Health Registered Nursing Program

Hannah Breaux

Facilities Campus Operations Coordinator

Photo of Terrell Briggs

Terrell Briggs

Coordinator for Student Engagement

Lashundra Brooks

Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

Ann Broussard

Gulf Area Campus Assistant, Gulf Area Campus

Bailey Broussard

Adjunct Faculty, Cosmetology

Judy Broussard

Maintenance Repair Master, Plant Operation & Maintenance Plant Maintenance

Renfred Broussard

Adjunct ESL Instructor

Cassandra Brown

Learning Facilitator, Adult Education

Rachel Brown

Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts & Humanities

Taylor Brown-Lee

Adjunct Faculty, Registered Nursing

Kevin Browning

Director, Employee Experience

Photo of Tina A. Burkhalter

Tina A. Burkhalter

Department Chair of Fine Arts and Digital Media and Assistant Professor, Theatre

Monica Butler

Instructor, Nursing and Allied Health

Rowland Cadena

Adjunct Faculty, English

Daniel Calhoun

Associate Director of Academic Advising, Student Success & Retention

Glorielle Calligan

Program Coordinator, Adult Education

Michelle Calloway

Campus Operations Coordinator

Darrin Campbell

Learning Facilitator, Adult Education

Angelique Case

Instructor, Practical Nursing

Francis "Frank" Catalano

Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts & Humanities

Alfy Cazan

Adjunct Faculty, Natural Science

Toni Celestine

Director, Career and Testing Services

RoxAnne Chaisson-Pitre

Interim One-Stop Center Coordinator

Geniece Chambers

Online Learning Facilitator, Adult Education

Cheyenne Champagne

Talent Specialist, Human Resources

Mike Charif

Program Coordinator and Professor, Academic IT

David Charles

Associate Professor, Welding

Rudy Charles

Adjunct, Adult Education

Tanya Charles

Campus Operations Coordinator

Tatyana Charles

Support Coordinator, Safety and Security

JaVonna Charles-Young

Adjunct Faculty, Social Science

Dr. Pooja Chauhan

Adjunct Faculty, Natural Science

Oana Chivoiu

Associate Professor, English

Melinda Clardy

Associate Professor, Mathematics

Demetria Clark

Adjunct CNA Instructor

Demetrica Clark

Adjunct CNA Instructor, Economic & Workforce Development

Darrell Colbert

Maintenance Repair 2, Plant Operation & Maintenance Plant Maintenance

Tina Colbert

Tina Colbert

Administrative Coordinator, Maritime & Safety

Ronnie Cook

Adjunct Electrician Instructor, Continuing Education

Student Records Coordinator

Student Records Coordinator, Registrar's Office

Area of Expertise: Transcript Evaluations Transfer Course Evaluation Louisi...

Megan Corbett

Adjunct Instructor, NEMSA

Harry Courville

ESL Learning Facilitator, Adult Education

Scott Courville

Instructor, Information Technology

David Crochet

Associate Director for Safety and Security

Phyllis Crochet

Purchasing Coordinator, Purchasing

Rodney Crochet

Adjunct Faculty, CDL

Darren Cueva

Instructor, Liberal Arts & Humanities

Joseph D'Arcy

Facilities Site Manager, Facilities

Demise Daigle

Associate Professor of Humanities & AALT Humanities Program Coordinator

April Darby

Administrative Coordinator 4, Admissions

Monique Darden

Learning Facilitator, Adult Education

Ariel Dauzart

Assistant Professor of Biology & ASLT Program Coordinator

Monica David

Department Chair, Allied Health; Master Instructor & Program Coordinator, Medical Assistant

Catherine Davidson

Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

Male worker in navy shirt with gold SLCC logo

Adam Davis

Workforce Student Advisor

Ira Davis

Instructor, HVAC

Trevin Day

Financial Aid Advisor I, Financial Aid

Carla Dean

Adjunct Faculty, Medical Assistant

Carry DeAtley

Dean, Nursing and Allied Health

Monica Delegal

Benefits Coordinator, Human Resources

Uma Deoras

Program Coordinator and Professor, Business

Fathi Derbel

Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

Kenneth DeRouen

Maintenance Repairer Master

Christopher Michael Deshotel

Manufacturing Technology Instructor

Kathryn Dickerson

Associate Director of Support Operations, Administration and Finance

LaShona Dickerson

Adjunct Instructor, Leisure Learning (Notary), Economic and Workforce Development

Photo of Duane Domino

Duane Domino

Industrial Trades Instructor, Corporate College

Youlonda Donatto

Procurement Specialist II, Purchasing

Toni Dotson

Instructor, Registered Nursing

Donna Doucet

Adjunct Faculty, Practical Nursing

Katherine Doucet

Testing Specialist, HiSET Center

Photo of Mr. Blake Douet

Mr. Blake Douet

Project Manager and Supervisor, Poché Prouet Associates/The Southwest Group

Raquel Doulet

Student Success Coordinator

Timothy Dronet

Department Chair & Instructor, EMT & Paramedic

Photo of Joseph Druilhet

Joseph Druilhet

H2theFuture Project Director

Rachel Ducharme

Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

Raina Duck

ADJ Marine Instructor, Corporate College

Brittany Ducote

Development & Alumni Coordinator, Institutional Advancement

Hannah Duff

Practical Nursing Program Coordinator

Sandra Duffy

Administrative Coordinator 3, Career & Testing Services

Carla Dugan

Administrative Coordinator, Morgan City

Rachelle Duhon

Councelor, Workforce Development

Randy Duhon

IT Support Specialist I, Information Technology

Dawna Duplechain

Instructor, Nursing & Allied Health

Rhonda Duplissey

Adjunct Instructor, CDL

Collise Dupont

Executive Director of Enrollment Services

Bryce Dupre

Shipping & Receiving Intern, Property

Lisa Dupuis

Facilities Coordinator/Lead Support, Facilities & Security Management

Helen Durieux

Instructor, Registered Nursing

Robin Easley

Instructor, Practical Nursing

James Eckhoff

Instructor, Social Science

Rebecca Eckhoff

Department Chair and Associate Professor, Mathematics

Joshua Eggenberger

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Bernice Espree-Romo

Adjunct Faculty, Social Science

Angela Evans

Instructor, Allied Health Practical Nursing

Anne Falgout

Director of Strategic Communications

Thomas Falgout

Development & Annual Giving Manager, Institutional Advancement

Alexis Farris

Student Success Coordinator

Photo of Nataki Faulk

Nataki Faulk

Records & Registration Analyst, Registrar's Office

Area of Expertise: Cognos & Banner Reports Analyze Data  Studen...

Brandi Flugence

TANF Student Success Navigator, Student Affairs

Debbie Fontenot

Center Receptionist, One-Stop Center

Delana Fontenot

Instructor, Allied Health

Lana Fontenot

Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement and External Relations

Reginald Fontenot

Interim Aviation Maintenance Instructor

Victor Fontenot

Maintenance Repair 2, Plant Operation & Maintenance Plant Maintenance

Khalilah Ford

Instructor, English

Daniel Forestier

CDL Instructor, Corporate College

York Forsyth

Institutional Analytics and Research Manager

Michelle Fournet

Michelle A. Fournet

Maritime Support Coordinator


Amber Francis

Accounting Services Coordinator, Accounting

Shelby Frazier

Adjunct Faculty, Emergency Medical Technician

Bronwyn Frederick

Instructor, Liberal Arts & Humanities

John Frederick

Instructor, Humanities and Communication

Photo of Leejanna Frederick

Leejanna Frederick

Program Specialist, Financial Aid

Ekhara Freeman-Sturkey

Adjunct Faculty, Registered Nursing

Photo of Bill French

Bill French

Librarian, Library

Jamie Funk

Workforce Support Coordinator

Edna Fusilier

Edna Fuselier

Staff Accountant II

Shelley Fuselier

Student Support Assistant, Adult Education

Rebecca Galloway

Instructor, General Studies

Michaela Gandy

Instructor, Mathematics

Jonathan Gardner

Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

Joshua Gary

Adjunct Faculty, English

Cyndi Gaudin

Associate Director of Student Accounts

Jessika Gayden

Adjunct CNA Instructor, Economic and Workforce Development

Kristen Geoffroy

Associate Professor, English

Patrick Gibbens

Associate Professor, Humanities and Communication

Bryan Glatter

Vice Chancellor, Administration & Finance

Damian Glover

Executive Director for Student Services, Title IX Coordinator

Terra Glover

Student Data Coordinator, Adult Education

Mark Gowan

Program Manager - Manufacturing Trades

Michelle Grabert

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Joan Granger

Administrative Coordinator 3, Student Services

Joyce Green

Custodian 2, Plant Operation & Maintenance Plant Maintenance

Patricia Green

Enrollment Specialist

Joel Greene

Joel Greene

Director for Student Engagement

Kelly Greene

Executive Assistant, Office Of the Chancellor

Sherilyn Greene

Instructor, Registered Nursing

Tanya Greene

Adjunct Faculty, Humanities

Amanda Griffin

Senior HR Generalist, Human Resources

Brittany Grissom

Adjunct Faculty, Biology

Meagan Guidry

Administrative Coordinator 3, Acadian Campus

Cadila Guillory

Campus Assistant, CB Coreil Campus

Lionel Guillory

Facilities Site Manager, Facilities

Remona Guillory

Travel Compliance Coordinator, Accounting

Photo of Amy Gunnels

Amy Gunnels

Program Manager - Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Lane Gunnels

Program Coordinator & Instructor, Electrician

Photo of Jobe Gwin

Jobe Gwin

Program Manager, Industrial Trades

Keith Hamilton

Instructor, Business and Technical Studies

Remy Hanemann


Kenneth Hanks

Facilities Site Manager, Facilities

Photo of Sam Harb

Sam Harb

Dean of Business, IT and Technical Studies

Lisa Harelson

Adjunct Learning Facilitator, Adult Education

Buddy Harper

Instructor, Fine Arts

Debra Harrington

Instructor, Practical Nursing

Jarvierre Harris

Adjunct faculty, Social Science

John Hawes

Instructional Designer

Hannah Hawkins

Adjunct Faculty, Natural Sciences

Photo of Kaylla Hebert

Kaylla Hebert

Program Specialist, Financial Aid

Rudy Hebert

Learning Facilitator, Adult Education

Brianne Hendricks

Advancement Services Manager, Institutional Advancement

Arthur Henry

Maintenance Repairer 2, Facilities

Stasia Herbert-McZeal

Dean of Liberal Arts

Justin Hernandez

Director of Facilities

Rebecca Hetherwick

Assistant Director, Career and Testing Services

Steven Hicks

Program Coordinator and Professor, Non-Destructive Testing

Jason Hinkle

HVAC Instructor, Corporate College

Chris Hoag

Program Coordinator and Instructor, Drafting & Design Technology

Michele Holcomb

Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts & Humanities

Corey Hotard

Instructor, Social Science

Josephine Hudson

Adjunct Faculty, Humanities

Sheila Hue

Campus Operations Coordinator, Young Memorial Campus

Alicia Hulin

Executive Director of Employee Relations & Compliance

Hunter Hulin

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Sandy Humphries

Department Chair and Professor, Humanities and Communication

Jerry Hunter

Maintenance Repairer, Facilities & Maintenance

Kimberly Hunter

One-Stop Center Coordinator

Jean Hurley

Adjunct Faculty, English

Forest Huval

Adjunct Faculty, Natural Science

Ashley Hymel

Learning Facilitator, Adult Education

Shayna Hypolite

Instructor, Registered Nursing

Melissa Ibert

CNA Adjunct Instructor

Ashley Irvin

Cybersecurity Analyst, Information Technology

Kevin Isbell

Instructor, Social Science

Kathryn Isham

Associate Director of Support Operations, Facility & Security Management

Photo of Stacy Jabusch

Stacy Jabusch

Registration & Curriculum Support Coordinator

Althea Jackson

Academic Advisor & Student Success Coach I

Ann Jackson

Instructor, Culinary Arts

Ebony Jacob

Educational Outreach Specialist, TRiO Educational Opportunity Centers

Jeremy Jensen

Infrastructure Manager, Information Technology

Ashley Joe

Assistant Director of Adult Education

Kelita Johnson

Interim Director of College Reach-Out Program (CROP)

Sarah Johnson

Student Success Coordinator, Admissions

Alice Jones

Instructor, English

Carleen Jones

Campus Director, CB Coreil Campus

Photo of Jacqueline Jones

Jacqueline Jones

Professor, General Studies

Robert Jones

Instructor, Humanities

Ondremica Jordan

Office Coordinator, Financial Aid

Roger Journee

Adjunct Faculty, Math

Delilah Journet

Director of Admissions & Recruiting, Admissions

Photo of Dr. Vincent June

Dr. Vincent June

Chancellor of South Louisiana Community College; Ex-Officio Member of the SLCC Foundation

Katlin Kately

Liberal Arts & Humanities Academic Coordinator

Erin Kay

Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Title IX and Student Conduct Manager, Student Services

Tamira Kennedy

Instructor, NEMSA

Onita Key

Instructor/Program Coordinator, Practical Nursing

Carla Kimmel

Instructor, Allied Health/Medical Lab Science

Nancy Kinchen

Department Chair and Professor, Business and IT

Kerry Lacoste

CDL Instructor

Hailee LaGrange

Records Specialist, Registrar's Office

David Lalonde

Fiber Optics Technician Instructor

Mitchell Lancon

Maintenance Repairer 2, Facilityes and Safety Management

Melissa Landreneau

Assistant Professor, Business and Management

Nelson Landry

CDL Instructor, Corporate College

Gregory Langley

Adjunct CDL Instructor

Christy Langlinais

Instructor, Allied Health-Medical Assistant

Mark LaRue

Assistant Professor, English

Vanessa Lasala

Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts & Humanities

Joshua Lasseigne

Program Coordinator & Instructor, Welding

Shannon Lasseigne

Academic Advisor & Student Success Coach I

Perry Ledet

Adviser, Student Success Center

Niccola Ledet-McNair

Director of Adult Education

Desha Lee

Instructor, Practical Nursing

Francena Lee

Francena Lee

Associate Registrar

Areas of Expertise: Graduation Coordinator Process Application for Graduation...

Jason Leger

Maintenance Repairer Master, Facilities & Safety Management

Julia Lejeune

Instructor, Welding

Paulette Lejeune

Paulette Lejeune

Workforce Support Coordinator, Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

Charlotte Leleux

Charlotte Leleux

Director of Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

Curtis Leleux

Maintenance Repairer 2, Acadian Campus

Christy Lemelle

Instructor, Practical Nursing

Sisay Lemessa

Economics Instructor

Photo of Karen Lestelle

Karen Lestelle

Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Economic and Workforce Development

Carolyn Livings-Cluse

Instructor, Practical Nursing

Rose Loehrer

Nursing & Allied Health Coordinator

Nicole Lopez

Campus Director, New Iberia Campus

Maxwell Lovig

(he/him) Tutor/Mentor, Center for Minority Excellence

Keston Lyons

Employee Engagement Coordinator, Employee Experience

Vanessa Madrid

Adjunct Faculty, Natural Science

Brian Maggio

Institutional Analyst, Institutional Effectiveness

Vu Mai

Instructor, Automotive Technology

Adam Maillet

Instructor, Liberal Arts & Humanities

Jaromna Malbreaux

Custodian 2, Facilities and Maintenance

Natalie Mallis

Adjunct Faculty, Fine Arts

Jay Malveaux

Custodian 2, Facilities and Maintenance

Christopher Manuel

Department Chair, English: Associate Professor, English