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SoLAcc's Corporate College offers professional development courses and customized training so your team will have the skills to grow your business. On-site, on campus, or online, SoLAcc's Corporate College will work with your business to deliver the training solutions you need.

From technical training to soft skills, SoLAcc's Corporate College will work to access your training needs and work with you to upskill your staff.

Our Corporate College has a dedicated team of non-commissioned business developers and IWTP & SBET professionals to design your courses and assist with grant applications so you can invest in your company's future.

Contact either of our business developers to set up a meeting today:

Cassie Adams
(985) 380-2473
Office in Morgan City

Joseph Druilhet
Office in Lafayette

All Soft Skill Courses

Want your team to excel? SoLAcc offers an array of soft skill, selling, and leadership courses to move your team to the next level of success. Bundle any of these courses to create a customized journey for your team.

Accountability at Work: 4 Hours
Adapting Your Leadership Style: 4 Hours
Analytical Thinking Skills: 3.5 Hours
Appreciating Diversity: 4 Hours
The Art of Influencing Others: 11 Hours
Assertiveness Skills: 3.5 Hours
Balancing Priorities: 4 Hours
The Basics of Style: 4 Hours
Behavioral Interviews: 4 Hours
Business Etiquette: 6 Hours
Classroom Training 101: 4 Hours
Coaching Conversations: 4 Hours
Coaching for Development: 4 Hours
Communication as a Manager: 3.5 Hours
Creating an Outstanding Customer Experience: 4 Hours
Creating Chemistry in Teams: 4.5 Hours
Creative Problem Solving: 7 Hours
Creative Problem Solving Applied: 4 Hours
Critical Thinking Skills: 4 Hours
Critical Thinking Skills Applied: 4 Hours
Cultural Competency: 5 Hours
Delegating for Growth: 3.5 Hours
Delivering Exceptional Phone Service: 4.5 Hours
Developing Positive Relationships at Work: 4 Hours
Developing Your Direct Reports: 4 Hours
Effective Listening Skills: 3 Hours
Effective Risk Taking: 4 Hours
Effective Team Leadership: 4.5 Hours
Emotional Intelligence: 4 Hours
Employee Engagement: 4 Hours
Ethics in the Workplace: 4.5 Hours
From Creativity to Innovation 4.5 Hours
The Golden Rule: 4.5 Hours
How to Make Yourself Indispensable: 4 Hours
How to Manage Your Emotions: 3.5 Hours
Handling Challenging Behaviors in the Workplace: 4 Hours
Increasing Emotional Intelligence: 4.5 Hours
Increasing Your Financial Intelligence: 4 Hours
Leadership 101: 4.5 Hours
Leading Others Through Change: 8 Hours
Learning to Manage: 4 Hours
Listening with Intent: 3.5 Hours
Managing Offsite Employees: 4 Hours
Managing the Work of Your Direct Reports: 4 Hours
Managing Up: 4.5 Hours
Meetings: 3 Hours
Mental Models: 5 Hours
Mentoring 101: 4 Hours
Millennial Mindset: 4 Hours
Motivating Employees to Be Their Best: 6 Hours
Navigating Difficult Conversations: 4.5 Hours
Negotiate Like a Pro: 3.5 Hours
Onboarding: 3.5 Hours
Ongoing Performance Development: 4 Hours
Organizational Trust: 4 Hours
Practical Project Management: 4 Hours
Productive Work Habits: 4.5
Put It in Writing: 4 Hours
Resilience: 4.5 Hours
Selling Essentials, Coaching for Performance: 4.5 Hours
Selling Essentials, Developing Clients for Life: 4 Hours
Selling Essentials, Opening the Sales Call: 4 Hours
Selling Essentials, Presenting Solutions: 4 Hours
Selling Essentials, Prospect & Territory Management: 4.5 Hours
Selling Essentials, Understanding the Sales Cycle: 4 Hours
Selling Essentials, What to Ask and How to Listen: 4 Hours
Servant Leadership: 3.5 Hours
Skillful Collaboration: 5 Hours
Social Media at Work: 4 Hours
Solid Business Writing: 4 Hours
Staying Focused: 3.5 Hours
Strategic Planning 101: 4 Hours
Super Manager: 4.5 Hours
Supervisor Communication Skills: 6.5 Hours
System Thinking: How to Solve Problems: 4.5 Hours
Taking Control of Conflict: 4.5 Hours
Taking Initiative: 3.5 Hours
Talk Like a Leader: 4.5 Hours
Team Excellence: 4.5 Hours
Time Management: 8 Hours
Toughest Supervisor Challenges: 4.5 Hours
Transformational Leader: 4 Hours
Understanding Generational Differences: 3.5 Hours
Why We Struggle with Tough Decisions: 4.5 Hours
Women and Leadership, Working Through Barriers: 4.5 Hours

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Leadership Training
  • Leadership fundamentals: setting clear goals, inspiring teams, and decision-making. 
  • Adapting leadership style: align approach with team diversity and individual needs.
  • Communicating as a manager: focus on feedback and foster open dialogue. 
  • Managing your direct reports: learn to effectively oversee your team's performance, address challenges, and support their professional growth.
  • Coaching conversations: develop skills for meaningful coaching discussions that empower employees to overcome obstacles and improve their performance. 
  • Delegating for growth: Learn how to delegate tasks strategically to enhance team capacity, encourage teams, and facilitate skill development. 
  • Behavioral interviews: master the technique of conducting interviews that reveal a candidate's potential through their past behaviors and experiences.

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