Student Organizations and Activities

Get Involved in Student Activities
Your experience at South Louisiana Community College will be richer and more memorable if you get involved in activities that take you beyond the classroom. You will have the opportunity to meet other students, faculty, and staff members and will participate in organizations that make valuable contributions to your college and to the community.
The office of student activities is located in the Student Success Center, which is housed in Ardoin building on Lafayette Campus. The office of student activities is the primary source for information on student activities, and ideas for new and future activities. Any student, faculty, or staff member with questions or suggestions should contact the office of student activities.
Consider becoming involved in student government or joining a club. You might take part in activities such as these:
  • Volunteering to help with a blood drive
  • Traveling to leadership conferences and exploring other cities and its cultures
  • Volunteering to assit at graduation
  • Helping to organize a community fundraiser
  • Planning and implementing advertising for a student event
Student Government Association (SGA)
The Student Government Association is composed of elected representatives from the student body. Collectively they are the voice of the students and promote campus activities that enhance intellectual, physical, social, and cultural atmosphere of SLCC. For more information on the SGA and how to participate, students should contact the office of student activities.
Student Activities Board (SAB)
The Student Activities Board is a branch of Student Government that sponsors and co-sponors social and cultural activities for the student body. The Student Activities Board consists of student representatives from the student body. Membership is SAB is open to any student who wants to participate in the planning or volunteering of campus events.
SLCC offers clubs/organizations that cover a wide range of interests, including academic, religious, recreational, political, and service. If you decide to join a club, you  may enjoy being a member who attends the meetings and participates in club activities, or you may decide to take a leadership role and become an officer. 
Regulations for Campus Postings
The Office of Student Activities approves all club/organization postings on campus. Publicity materials for SLCC club/organization activities should be submitted for posting after submitting a student activity request form. Additional club/organization information can be placed on SLCC website, Facebook, or twitter upon receiving approval. All non-SLCC postings must be approved by the office of Student Activities. Unauthorized postings or postings for unapproved activities will be removed. 
Contact Information 
Chandler LeBoeuf, Director of Student Activities 
Phone: 337.521.6985

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