Procedures to Request a Classroom Reservation

1. You must be a registered student, recognized  group, faculty or staff member of South Louisiana Community College.

2. IMPORTANT Note: During the first three weeks of instruction, academic classes have priority scheduling over special events.  If you have a special event room reservation on a weekday evening during the first three weeks of the term, there is a slight possibility that the room will be needed to accommodate an academic classroom.  The Office of the Registrar, will make every effort to find a comparable replacement room if possible.  When planning important events, meetings, or conferences, it may be wise to schedule these events after week four of the semester when academic room assignments have been completed.

3. Classroom reservation requests must be submitted through the following email:

4. Information required for reserving a classroom: contact name (department or student organization) and phone number of person submitting the request and expected capacity. To insure your request is processed in a timely manner please make sure all information provided accurately reflects your department/organization’s needs.

5. Reservations should be considered tentative until confirmation is received from Registrar’s e-mail. Classrooms are reserved in the order in which they are received.

6. Request should be submitted at least two business days prior to event.

7. Notification is requested as early as possible if event is cancelled.

8. All changes to a confirmed reservation must be submitted via email. To submit your requested changes please reply to your “Confirmation for Event” email. All requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Standard processing time applies. There is no guarantee that room(s) previously assigned will be available once changes are made.

9. Large-scale events (requiring 10 or more rooms ) classroom reservation requests should be submitted two months in advance. Please be advised that confirmation of classroom availability should be received before event arrangements are made (i.e. printing brochures, location information, date confirmation, etc.). These events will be accommodated depending on classroom availability.

10. Classrooms will not be arranged in any particular fashion. It is the requestor’s responsibility to request additional equipment or furniture. Noise must be kept to a minimum to keep from disturbing classes/events in other rooms. Failure to comply with this request will lead to cancellation and/or denial of future classroom reservation requests.

11. Under normal circumstances, requests are processed within two business days. During peak times, requests will be processed within a minimum of three days. Once room availability is verified, a confirmation notice will be e-mailed to the contact person, confirming the room assignment. If the request cannot be granted, the Registrar’s Office will contact the person who submitted the request by phone or e-mail.